Watershed and Community Engagement Training for La Playa Community in Ponce

The Coastal Community of La Playa in Ponce Puerto Rico has multiple water related problems such as flooding, polluted waters, and trash. On the night of December 5th, 2016, Syracuse EFC gathered community members from all ages to demonstrate and discuss the watershed fundamentals, and how the impacts that occur upstream end up affecting their community.

With the collaboration of non-profits including ISER Caribe, RCAP Solutions, and the Sierra Club, Syracuse EFC provided a facilitated discussion about the strategies the community can rely on to prevent and solve watershed scale problems such as flooding, drought, and water quality. With the gained knowledge the community members recognized that periodical gutter cleaning, and waterways cleaning activities can reduce flooding events and provide a cleaner and healthier community. Approximately 40 people attended the event which included rural community members, municipal staff, and technical assistance providers.

Syracuse EFC will follow up with this community and involved partners to provide direct technical assistance, if needed, as it relates to community outreach and education, stewardship programming, integrated watershed management, and flooding/drought resiliency.