Virgin Islands Recycling Partnership (VIRP)


The SU-EFC is helping further develop this sustainable materials management and recycling partnership in the US Virgin Islands. The VIRP was formed early in 2010 by the US Virgin Islands government and the US EPA to promote source reduction, clean composting, reuse, and recycling through a partnership that includes citizens, environmental groups, government at all levels, nonprofit organizations, and the private sector. The goal of the VIRP is to help the islands establish a sustainable solid waste strategy and move toward a sustainable materials management (SMM) economy.

The VIRP is composed of a number of teams that focus on region-specific SMM goals through public education and program development. The SU-EFC led the creation of the VIRP, plays a critical role in facilitating the partnership, and also developed the Integrated US Virgin Islands Solid Waste Management Strategy (available on the VIRP website at: The VIRP works towards goals outlined in the strategy.