Rural Asset Management Inventory Development Mini-Grants

The EFC continues to offer its popular asset management (AM) inventory development mini-grant program to rural NYS communities. This mini-grant program provides rural municipalities with the proper tools and resources to fully conduct an Asset Management (AM) inventory for their water or wastewater system. The EFC is supporting three projects (up to $5,000 each) focused on developing an asset management inventory. 

The three most recent awardees from 2016 for these mini-grants are:

Village of Churchville – Sewer System Asset Management Inventory

The Village of Churchill is a small town located in the southwest corner of Monroe County, New York. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, there is a population of 1,961. The money from this mini-grant will help the Churchville Department of Public Works to complete an inventory of sewer system assets, asset register, and related asset attribute data (useful life, likelihood of failure, consequence of failure, replacement cost, condition, and risk score). They will also collect data and information regarding replacement parts for their sewer system which  will help prevent repair stock delays, ensure swifter and more accurate audits, and help close supply chain gaps allowing for the uninterrupted maintenance and repair of critical sewer assets.

Town of Lowville – Water and Wastewater Asset Management Inventory

The rural NY Town of Lowville has a population of less than 5,000, according to the 2010 census, and is seeking financial resources to fully complete an Asset Management Inventory for Town-owned water and wastewater infrastructure. The Inventory will serve as a useful first-step in creating an Asset Management Plan, which can be used as a decision-making tool to aid in the development of a capital management plan. The town will be using this grant to help complete an inventory of its water and wastewater assets as well as create a digital database to be used and accessed by the town’s Cartegraph software.

Village of Evans Mills – Water System Inventory Development

With a population of only about 641 (2010 Census), the Village of Evans Mills located in Jefferson County relies on portions of their water systems that date back to their original installation in 1940. Since they currently have very limited detailed maps of their water system, the Village will complete an inventory of the water transmission and distribution system, as well as provide an overall system map which can be utilized to develop an asset management program and mitigate these operational concerns. The goal of the project is to utilize survey grade GPS equipment to locate all existing transmission main and distribution system valves and hydrants, as well as other known points within the village. This information will be shown on digital ortho mapping to provide the Village with water piping network map for the first time in their history. The coordinate locations will also be tabulated for future reference, and the data would be utilized to develop an asset inventory list with the intent of developing an asset management plan for the water system.