EFCN Smart Management for Small Water Systems

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The Syracuse University Environmental Finance Center (SU-EFC) has partnered with six of its counterparts across the nation through the Environmental Finance Center Network (EFCN), as well as the American Water Works Association (AWWA), on the Smart Management for Small Water Systems Program. Led by the Environmental Finance Center at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, expert instructors from each Environmental Finance Center offer free workshops, webinars, eLearning modules, and technical assistance for small water system operators, owners, and municipal representatives in each state and US territory. The goal of the program is to encourage smarter management of municipal finances and assets, and to assist operators in conducting day-to-day operations more efficiently.

Training topics include Asset Management, Energy Management Planning, Financial Management, Leadership Through Decision-making and Communication for Small Water Systems, Managing Drought, Water Loss Reduction, Collaborating with Neighboring Communities, Multi-funding, Water Conservation, Climate Resiliency, and Workforce Development for Small Water Systems.

The program is offered under a cooperative agreement with the US EPA.

For more information, please visit efcnetwork.org.
For a list of upcoming workshops and webinars for small water systems, click here.