GREEN-PR – Generating Replicable Environmental Education Networks in Puerto Rico

GreenPRLogov1The Syracuse University Environmental Finance Center (SU-EFC) GREEN-PR program has three main components:

1) The GREEN-PR Stewardship Program

2) The creation of environmental education GREEN-PR Network Hubs

3) A Mini-Grant Program

GREEN-PR brings local and national environmental priorities, and resulting initiatives more firmly into the classroom, and is developing a more integrated environmental education program. This comprehensive program is bringing environmental education in Puerto Rico to the next level by developing a strong network of environmental stewards and community “GREEN-PR Network Hubs,” as well as providing seed money to foster creative education initiatives through mini-grants.

MapInteractive GREEN-PR Projects Map

For more information about the efforts of Hubs and mini-grant recipients in the GREEN-PR network, please visit the interactive GREEN-PR Projects Map.

GREEN-PR Stewardship Program

The SU-EFC administers an annual educational stewardship program that engages “Stewards” (both students from local colleges and interested community members) to develop green infrastructure (GI) and Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) focused educational programs for K-12 schools and youth groups. Stewards receive intensive hands-on GI and SMM training and gain classroom experience teaching K-12 students, teachers, and staff—as well community members—about the connection between water and “waste” management, GI, disaster debris, marine debris, waste reduction, reuse, and recycling, with a special focus on organics management.

Examples of projects Stewards have implemented include field trips to recycling centers, installing compost systems, increasing water body awareness through front-of-the-pipe educational campaigns, public art projects, and door-to-door outreach to promote behavioral changes in the community.

Environmental Education Network Hubs

To connect various audiences, SU-EFC is fostering the creation of model community centers—or Hubs—that will be hosted and/or supported by K-12 schools and universities already implementing GI and SMM programs. A GREEN-PR Hub is defined as a central location where program partners and audiences can access all resources necessary for teaching and implementing SMM and GI programs.

Mini-Grant Program

The SU-EFC administers an environmental education Mini-Grant Program for audiences engaged in GREEN-PR on developing GI and SMM programs throughout Puerto Rico.



February 15, 2016Second Year of GREEN-PR Program Kicks Off with Training and Site Visits


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