NYS SMM Stewardship Program

The NYS SMM Stewardship Program offers students the opportunity to learn fundamental concepts and principles of sustainable materials management (SMM), a progressive approach to solid waste management that values end-of-life materials as resources instead of “waste”, and that aims to positively benefit people, the environment, and the economy through materials reduction, reuse, and recycling. Upon completion of two initial training sessions, students act as SMM Stewards by conceptualizing and implementing hands-on projects that allow them to strategically educate and integrate SMM practices into schools, organizations, businesses, and others in communities throughout NYS. Stewards focus on a variety of high priority materials including traditional recyclables, organics, single-use plastics, textiles, electronics, and more. Through this program, students will deepen their understanding of SMM, apply theoretical knowledge from the classroom, develop leadership skills, and gain professional experience.

Project Highlights