The Recycling Partnership Recycling Inclusion Fund

What does a world look like where all people feel like valued members within their communities? How can we as a global, national, and local industry do our part to apply shared experiences, knowledge, and resources to catalyze a sustainable life for everyone?

The Recycling Inclusion Fund directs grant dollars toward investment in recycling infrastructure and education equity, a training and leadership program geared towards communities of color, and research into the challenges that hinder a more equitable circular economy. 

Eligible Recipients:


Eligible Projects:

  • Research: To identify the state of recycling access and participation, barriers, and needs in BIPOC communities across the U.S.
    • Impact: Improved program efficiency to increase material capture; empowered residents so that they can actively participate in recycling.
  • Access and Education: To reach and empower BIPOC populations with recycling access and education resources that meet their needs.
    • Impact: Expanded range of household populations reached; increased household capture; achievement of equitable access for all.
  • Leadership Training Programs: To create leadership opportunities in the sustainability sector for recent BIPOC college graduates through the “Fellowship Through Partnership” Program, offering experience and training.
    • Impact: Establishment of a diverse talent pipeline with exposure to the full recycling value chain; incorporation of diverse perspectives to deliver strong solutions.

Funding Source:
3M, Arconic Foundation, Coca Cola Foundation, Cox Enterprises, Kroger’s Zero Hunger Zero Waste Foundation, Procter & Gamble, and TAZO 

Funding Amount:

Funding Deadline:

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