The DOS Local Government Efficiency Grant Program

The Local Government Efficiency (LGE) Grant Program was established to provide technical assistance and competitive grants to two or more units of local government for the development of projects that will achieve savings and improve municipal efficiency through shared services, cooperative agreements, mergers, consolidations, and dissolutions.

Eligible Recipients:

  • Municipalities, including BOCES, water & wastewater districts.
  • High Priority Planning Grants are for a maximum of $50,000
  • School Districts
  • Libraries
  • General Efficiency Planning Grants are for $25,000 for the first two municipalities with an additional $1,000 for every additional municipality up to a maximum of $35,000
  • Efficiency Implementation Grants not to exceed $200,000 per municipality involved in the application up to a maximum of $1,000,000.
  • 21st Century Demonstration Project Grants shall not exceed $400,000 per municipality involved in the application.

Eligible Projects:

  • Government reorganization
  • General government projects
  • Sanitation Projects
  • School district reorganization
  • Reuse plan for vacant school buildings
  • “Smart Growth” projects
  • Public Safety Projects
  • Transportation projects
  • Water projects
  • Education Projects

Funding Source:
NYS Department of State (DOS)

Funding Amount:
Up to $200,000 per project. Multiple grants may be awarded to the same municipality for different projects.


Kyle Wilber
Program Manager
(518) 473-3355
NYS DOS Division of Local Government Services, RFA #12-LGE-17
One Commerce Plaza
99 Washington Avenue, Suite 1015
Albany, NY 12231

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