Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) Program

The EPA’s Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) program provides money to community groups so they can pay for technical advisors to interpret and explain technical reports, site conditions, and EPA’s proposed cleanup proposals and decisions.

Eligible Recipients:
Types of community groups that can apply for a TAG include, but are not limited to:

  • A community group or citizens’ association which was formed because of issues and concerns it had about
    the site.
  • A group that has been actively involved at the site and that includes all the affected individuals and groups who joined in applying for the TAG.
  • A group made up of several groups (like those described above) that came together to deal with community concerns about the site and its effects on the surrounding area.

Eligible Projects:
Here are some examples of what group might pay a technical advisor to do:

  • Review site-related documents from EPA or others.
  • Meet with group and other community members to explain site information.
  • Make site visits, when appropriate and necessary, to learn more about
    site activities.
  • Travel to meetings and hearings about the site.
  • Evaluate plans for reusing the site after it is cleaned up.
  • Interpret and explain health-related information.

Funding Source:
US Environmental Protection Agency

Funding Amount:
Up to $50,000


Arlene Chin
U.S. EPA Region 2
290 Broadway
New York, NY 10007

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