Teachers, Engineers, Municipal Representatives Complete Recycling Educators Training in Puerto Rico

May 12, 2016

Sixteen graduates received a certificate for completing the Recycling Educators Training led by the PRRP’s Education Team and the Solid Waste Authority on May 12, 2016. Syracuse University Environmental Finance Center staff members Stephanie Anderson and Ana Arache both serve on the PRRP Education Team as liaisons and assisted in the development and delivery of the course. The graduation ceremony, which took place at the Puerto Rico Solid Waste Authority offices, marked the end of two months of training on environmental education methods related to the conservation of natural resources through recycling, composting, reuse, and responsible consumption habits.

In addition to receiving their certificates, participants tuned in for one last lesson on the identification of pollutants in water offered by Cenilda Ramírez Santana, leader of the Education and Trash Free Waters Teams of the PRRP and co-coordinator of the training.

The training began on March 3, 2016, and throughout several weeks, the group learned about environmental problems that Puerto Rico communities face as well as recent recycling techniques and technologies available on the Island. Sessions covered topics including the legal framework of recycling in Puerto Rico, the statistics of recycling on the Island, electronics recycling, and organic materials management.

Participants included professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and regions of the Island, including teachers, engineers, recycling industry professionals, municipal recycling coordinators, and others. With their expanded knowledge, graduates are already educating students, the public, and professionals about the importance of reduction, reuse, recycling, composting, and trash free waters throughout their respective regions of Puerto Rico.