Advancing Community-Level Resilience in Wayne County, New York: Resources

Photo Credits: Coastal Flooding Survey Project,
Cornell University and New York Sea Grant

In fall 2021, the Syracuse University Environmental Finance Center and New York Sea Grant is holding a 3 session workshop at the Genesee-Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council’s biannual Local Government Workshop. In session 1 on October 28th, attendees are introduced to innovative modeling illustrating waterfront properties at-risk to extreme water levels. In session 2 on November 4th, attendees are then presented with the challenges of at-risk sewer and septic systems and ways to make them more resilient. In the final session on November 9th, attendees learn from experts about policy tools and options to increase one’s community resilience. This webpage serves as a collection of resources for both those who attended and homeowners interested in protecting their property from extreme water levels.

This virtual interactive map has been designed by our project partners at the Syracuse University Maxwell School and Cornell University for homeowners and planners of the Wayne County shoreline to look-up land parcels at unique levels of risk to lake-level flooding.

Browse through this virtual StoryMap to visualize Wayne County coastal & waterfront properties at risk for flooding. This online tool was designed by Syracuse University Maxwell School project partners, informed by flood modeling information from Cornell University.

Homeowner Resources for Onsite Wastewater/Septic Systems

About This Project

This collection of resources is from the Advancing Community-Level Resilience to Lake-Level Flooding in Wayne County, New York project. The goals of this project are as follows:

  • Identify economic vulnerabilities of flooding to: individual community members and businesses, and residential and commercial properties.
  • In collaboration with Wayne County communities, develop recommended actions and policies.
  • Develop strategies to communicate recommended actions, policies, and tools effectively.

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Project Partners:

This project is a collaboration of the Syracuse University Environmental Finance Center with New York Sea Grant, Cornell University’s Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Genesee-Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council, Syracuse University Maxwell School, Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessments (GLISA), and our partners in Wayne County, New York.

Funds for this project are provided through the Climate and Societal Interactions COCA/SARP competition by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Climate Program Office.