Rockefeller Family Fund

This is a grant that is awarded to advocacy efforts that are action-oriented and likely to lead to tangible public policy results.

Eligible Recipients:

Eligible Projects:

  • Environment
    reduce carbon emissions; disrupt the coal life cycle from mining and burning to ash disposal and exporting; bring diverse and compelling new voices into the climate debate; and examine how special interests are distorting science and delaying constructive steps to deal with this impending global crisis.
  • Institutional Accountability and Individual Liberty
    This program encourages the active participation of citizens in government, seeks to make government and private institutions more accountable and responsive, and supports efforts to ensure that individuals’ rights and liberties under the Constitution are protected. Past grants have included support for work to overcome roadblocks to registration and voting; efforts to expand access to government information; advocacy to promote electronic disclosure of campaign contributions; and a broad range of program initiatives aimed at holding government agencies and public officials accountable for their actions.
  • Economic Justice for Women
    The Family Fund’s program for women’s economic justice seeks to improve the quality of life for working women and their families by advocating for equitable employment opportunities and updated employment standards. Working at the national, state and local levels, we support research, training, public education campaigns and advocacy efforts.

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Rockefeller Family Fund

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