NYSP2I Food Waste Reduction & Diversion Reimbursement Program

The Food Waste Reduction and Diversion Reimbursement Program is an innovative partnership between New York State and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) focused on incentivizing the reduction of food waste in the state. The program provides reimbursement to New York State businesses or not-for-profits that generate, haul or recycle large amounts of food waste to offset the cost of select technologies and equipment that promise to reduce or divert that food waste from landfill or incineration.

Eligible Recipients:

  • NYS not-for-profit organizations established under Sections 501(c), 501(e), 501(f), 501(k), 501(n) or 521(a) of the Federal Tax Code
  • For-profit businesses that are registered to conduct business in New York pursuant to New York Business Corporation Law section 1304, and are large food waste generators, haulers or recyclers (greater than 1 ton/week)

Eligible Projects:

  • Will result in an increase of food waste diversion from landfill or incineration through the use of equipment or technologies.
    Note: Purchases that improve existing food waste diversion methods but do not result in increased amount of food waste diverted are not eligible.
  • Are led by New York State businesses, not-for-profits, or municipalities that produce, haul, or recycle greater than one ton of food waste per week
  • Implemented between June 1, 2017 and April 1, 2023

Funding Source:
NYS Pollution Prevention Institute & New York State Department of Economic Development

Funding Amount:
Reimbursement will cover:

  • The purchase and installation of eligible equipment and technologies
  • Up to 44% of eligible project costs, in most cases not to exceed $100,000

The application period is now closed. Please note that this is a rolling application.

Once complete, please email your application to: Ava Labuzetta, Sr Pollution Prevention Engineer allp2i@rit.edu

More Information: