NYSDEC Grants for Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Programs

The NYSDEC is authorized to provide grants for HHW collection programs in order to provide a safe alternative for recycling or disposal of household hazardous materials.

Eligible Recipients:
The following entities within New York State are eligible to apply for these grants:

  • Counties, Cities, Towns or Villages
  • Local Public Authorities
  • Local Public Benefit Corporations (organizations established by State Law)
  • School Districts, Supervisory Districts & Improvement Districts
  • Native American Tribes or Nations residing in New York State

Eligible Projects:
Can include reasonable municipal costs, as determined by the department, related to operating household hazardous waste collection programs or operating a household hazardous waste collection and storage facility or mobile collection facility, and associated educational and promotional expenses. It is not necessary that all types of household hazardous waste be collected for the collection program to be eligible.

Funding Source:
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Funding Amount:
Funding is provided on a 50% reimbursement rate for eligible costs.


Applications will be accepted by DEC during the months of January and February of each calendar year for all eligible household hazardous waste collection and disposal costs incurred during the previous calendar year.

Effective January 1, 2018, all HHW State Assistance applications must be submitted through the NYS Grants Gateway.


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