DEC Municipal Funding for Food Scraps Recycling Initiatives

The goal of this funding program is to assist municipalities in starting or expanding municipal food scraps recycling programs. To ensure equitable access and development of food scraps recycling opportunities for all New Yorkers, this year’s opportunity will prioritize the first half of available funds for eligible projects serving Environmental Justice and Disadvantaged communities.

Eligible Recipients:

Under this grant program, a municipality is defined as a:
* County, city, town or village 

* Local public authority 

* Local public benefit corporation (as established by New York State law) 

* School district, supervisory district, and improvement district 

* Native American tribe or Nation residing in New York State 

* Combination of the above 

Private companies, not-for-profit organizations, and State agencies are NOT eligible to receive this funding. However, eligible municipalities may partner with these types of organizations on an application if the municipality is the lead applicant.

Eligible Projects:

The following types of projects are included in this opportunity:

  • Creating or expanding programs to increase residential food scraps recycling
  • Creating or expanding food scraps recycling programs and facilities

Funding Source:

Funding Amount:
Approximately $2 million is available for Municipal Food Scraps Recycling Initiatives Grants. Funding for this grant opportunity was outlined in the 2021/22 NYS Budget, making funds available through the Environmental Protection Fund (which provides funds dedicated to environmental projects including those to help municipalities meet environmental goals and mandates). The first $1,000,000 will prioritize eligible projects that dedicate at least 50% of the total requested funding to serving environmental justice communities.

 NEW in 2023: Approximately $750,000.00 has been allocated to this grant program to fund additional applicants. This funding was included in the 2023/24 New York State Budget, making funds available through the Environmental Protection Fund.

Awards will be given to applications receiving a pass score in the order they are submitted in Grants Gateway, until DEC withdraws this request for applications, funds are exhausted, or October 4, 2023, 3:00 PM EST, whichever comes first.

Sally Rowland

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