Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)

The Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) is a voluntary land retirement program that helps agricultural producers protect environmentally sensitive land, decrease erosion, restore wildlife habitat, and safeguard ground and surface water. CREP is an offshoot of the country’s largest private-lands environmental improvement program—the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP).

Eligible Recipients:
A specific CREP project begins when a state, Indian Tribe, local government, or local non-governmental entity identifies an agriculture related environmental issue of state or national significance. The parties and FSA then develop a project proposal to address particular environmental issues and goals.

Eligible Projects:
Like CRP, CREP contracts require a 10 to 15-year commitment to keep lands out of agricultural production. CREP provides payments to participants who offer eligible land.

Funding Source:
USDA Farm Service Agency

Funding Amount:

Matching Requirements:


New York State FSA Office
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Suite 536
Syracuse, NY 13202
Fax: 315-477-6323

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