Apr 28 – Syracuse EFC Leads Waste Reduction Conference at Universidad de Sagrado Corazon

On April 14, Syracuse EFC staff members led a university-based conference on waste reduction in collaboration with students from the Exterior Relations Assembly at the Universidad de Sagrado Corazón (USC) in Santurce, Puerto Rico. Zero Waste Puerto Rico provided an overview of the concept of zero waste, and other organizations presented on related waste reduction initiatives. Syracuse EFC presented on the GREEN-PR Stewardship Program to garner interest in the internship, and also gave an analysis of how composting efforts could be improved at USC. Students from UPR-Río Piedras also presented their work with the campaign, “No Más Botellas” (No More Bottles), which won an EPA Environmental Quality Award. Efforts to improve waste reduction efforts and replicate other initiatives at the university are now underway.