Agriculture & Farmland Protection Grant Projects

Two matching grant programs focused on farmland protection. One assists county governments in developing agricultural and farmland protection plans to maintain the economic viability of the State’s agricultural industry and its supporting land base; the other assists local governments in implementing their farmland protection plans and has focused on preserving the land base by purchasing the development rights on farms using a legal document called a conservation easement. The purchase of development rights (PDR) can help where the benefits and protections available through agricultural districting and other planning tools may not be sufficient to overcome local development pressure and other issues affecting farmland.

Eligible Recipients:
Counties or municipalities with approved Ag & Farmland Protection—farmers should contact county/town government if interested in the sale of development rights.

Eligible Projects:
State assistance payments are available for counties to cover up to 50 percent of the costs to develop agricultural and farmland protection plans. State assistance payments are available to counties or municipalities to cover up to 75 percent of the total costs for implementation activities to protect viable farmland.

Funding Source:
NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets

Funding Amount:


Division of Agricultural Protection and Development
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