Agricultural and Farmland Protection Planning Grants

The purpose of these programs is to fund local initiatives intended to maintain the economic viability of the State’s agricultural industry and its supporting land base and to protect the environmental and landscape preservation values associated with agriculture.

Eligible Recipients:
New York State county—provided that it has established an agricultural and farmland protection board and either:

  1. Has not already prepared an agricultural and farmland protection plan, or
  2. Has an approved farmland protection plan that was approved by the Commissioner no less than one hundred twenty months (10 years) prior to submitting an application for funding under this RFA.

For either type of application, two eligible counties may apply jointly. If applying jointly, one county must be designated as the lead county for contract purposes.

Eligible Projects:
Projects involving agricultural and farmland protection planning activities that result in the creation of or supplementation to a county agricultural and farmland protection plan are eligible for funding.

Funding Source:
NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets

Funding Amount:
Up to $50,000


David Behm
NYS Dept. of Agriculture and Markets
10B Airline Dr.
Albany, NY 12235

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