The Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) is proud to announce Round 3 of the Green Innovation Grant Program (GIGP 3).  EFC has made $20 million in grant funding available for projects that will improve water quality and demonstrate green stormwater infrastructure across New York State.

For information on GIGP 3, please visit NYS EFC’s website.

On July 20, 2011, as part of a historic initiative to transform New York State’s model for economic development and job creation, Governor Cuomo announced that up to $1 billion in economic development funding would be made available through a Consolidated Application Process (CFA).  Beginning September 2, 2011, the CFA is available to eligible applicants, marking a fundamental shift in how economic development resources are allocated.

The CFA aligns agency resources behind a coordinated and comprehensive approach that ensures less bureaucracy and greater efficiency in the fulfillment of local economic development needs. By eliminating the need for businesses and others to navigate a complicated and uncoordinated system of economic incentives, the CFA will make it quicker and easier for economic development project applicants to access up to $1 billion in state resources from multiple agencies.

To support the Governor’s transformative plans to improve New York’s business climate and stimulate economic growth, ten Regional Economic Development Councils were recently created. Through a performance based, community-driven approach, Regional Councils will design a strategic economic development model for their area and use the CFA as the primary support mechanism to work with eligible applicants to advance projects that demonstrate the greatest potential for job creation and economic opportunity.

In addition to Environmental Facilities Corporation, eight other state agencies and authorities have pooled together resources to be made available through the CFA including: Empire State Development; NYS Canal Corporation; Energy Research and Development Authority; Homes and Community Renewal; Department of Labor; Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation; Department of State; and Department of Transportation. As the CFA process is revised and improved, additional resources will become available.

Funding is currently available for the following projects:

Affordable Housing
Community and Waterfront Revitalization
Direct Assistance to Businesses
Energy and Environmental Improvements
Low-Cost Financing
Municipal/Public Infrastructure
Parks, Historic Preservation and Heritage Areas
Sustainability Planning Assistance
Transportation Infrastructure
Workforce Development

To access the CFA, and any related materials, please visit

As part of the up to $1 billion in state resources including low cost financing, tax credits and grant funding from over a dozen of existing agency programs, Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) is dedicating up to $20 million in funds for environmental improvement projects through the CFA.

The EFC program included in the initiative is the Green Innovation Grant Program (GIGP 3).

GIGP 3 applicants are strongly encouraged to work with their Regional Council to align their project with regional goals and priorities.  In scoring GIGP 3 projects, EFC will be awarding additional points to those projects that are recommended by their Regional Council. Each Regional Council will review and advise EFC regarding applications for GIGP 3.

Key Dates:

September 2, 2011- CFA available
October 31, 2011- Deadline for receipt of complete CFAs
November 4, 2011- Deadline for receipt of required program-specific final attachments
November 14, 2011- Regional Councils submit Strategic Plans that will identify priority projects submitted through the CFA process that are eligible for the competitive funding process