Designated in 2015, the Sagrado-Corazón Hub is centered at the University of the Sacred Heart in San Juan. The primary goal of the Hub is to increase awareness of sustainable materials management (SMM) throughout campus and in neighboring communities. Activities at this hub include increasing the visibility of campus recycling bins, promoting the use of reusable water bottles and refill stations, and campus workshops featuring SMM and green infrastructure (GI) experts.

Hub Activities:

Inventory of Existing Infrastructure:
– An inventory of existing infrastructure was conducted on campus to identify needs to accomplish Hub goals. Among the needs identified were: additional recycling bins, functional drinking water fountains, and equipment for composting on campus.

Increasing Recycling Bin Visibility:
– To bring attention to recycling bins on campus, the Hub painted bins a different color than trash receptacles, installed signs by the bins, and strategically placed the bins on campus.

Educational Campaigns:
– A mural with SMM and GI themes was created, and a campaign to promote the use of water fountains instead of bottled water was launched on campus.

Campus Events: 
– The Hub has hosted workshops featuring SMM and GI experts on campus. Iris Olán Pabón, a GREEN-PR Steward, will help organize a series of GREEN-PR field trips during the semester.

Spreading the Word: 
A bulletin board is being installed on campus to promote GREEN-PR events and other environmentally-focused events on campus, such as those hosted by USC biology students. The Hub also plans to set up a table to provide GREEN-PR outreach, as well as to recruit volunteers for PRRP’s Electronic Recycling Fair.


– University of the Sacred Heart in San Juan
– GREEN PR Stewards – Iris Olán Pabón, Eliezer Lappots