Project: “Composting Mania: An Environmental Program from Eugenio Brac School to Community”
Organization: Puerto Rico Composta Inc.
Project Lead: Raul Lopez Maldonado
Location: Eugenio Brac Elementary School, Naguabo, Puerto Rico
Amount Awarded: $5,000

The goal of the Composting Mania Program was to divert organics from landfills through the creation of a composting program for 4th grade students at Eugenio Brac Elementary School in Naguabo, Puerto Rico. The program directly impacted 41 teachers and 75 students, as well as their families through a final “Home Composting Workshop.”

Project Outcomes:
–  Students have a better understanding of the composting process, and around 50% of students now have composting and gardens at home
–  All vegetable waste was diverted from the school cafeteria
–  Students produced around 100 pounds of compost over five months of composting and vermicomposting
– 41 teachers were trained in composting techniques
– Pamphlets on how to compost were developed, printed, and distributed to 25 public and private schools located in 12 municipalities throughout Puerto Rico
–  Some of the food harvested from the school garden has been used for meal preparation in the school cafeteria


Compost Mania 2 Composting Mania