Webinar Presentation Date: November 10, 2020
Time: 10 am-11:30 am (EST) 

Presented by the New York Water Environment Association and the Syracuse University Environmental Finance Center

Resources from the webinar:

The New York Water Environment Association and the Syracuse University Environmental Finance Center held a 1.5 hour informational webinar on engaging high school students in water careers.

NYWEA’s Work-in-Water Program is actively recruiting student and utility participants to take part in classroom engagement, facility tours, and internships. This unique, hands-on learning program allows students to see first-hand the skills, technology, and people that are working to ensure the public has access to clean water resources.

Use the link to the “interest form” to learn about a new mini-grant offered through NYWEA’s Work in Water Program and how it can be used to support utility-school partnerships and interns.

This webinar’s agenda included:

10:00 am  Welcome & Introductions
William J. Nylic III, President, New York Water Environment Association  
10:05 am  Work-in-Water Overview
Discover the Work in Water program and how it can be effective and valuable to your utility and community.
10:10 am  Engaging Schools
Create a connection between students and water careers at your school or utility. Find out who to contact, what messages resonate, and learn about previous successful partnerships between schools and utilities.
10:20 am  Classroom Toolkit
An explanation of the opportunity to use pre-developed activities and tools directly with students. 
10:25 am  Facility Tour Experience
Find out how to lead awesome tours through your water and wastewater treatment plants. Inspire students to consider water careers, and share what they learn with others during facility tours.
10:35 am  Student Internship
Learn about the benefits of hiring an intern at your utility. 
10:55 am  Mini-Grants Opportunity
Learn how your utility can apply for funding for the internship and/or transportation for your first Work-in-Water experience.
11:05 am Let’s Hear From You
Ask questions and learn more about how you can use this program. Meet other water professionals, utility staff, school administrators and teachers, and talk to NYWEA and SU-EFC staff. 
11:30 am  Conclude

This webinar is based upon work supported under a grant by the Rural Utilities Service, United States Department of Agriculture.