June 2, 2014 – SU-EFC to Lead SMM Training for Leadership Workshop in Cozumel, Mexico

As part of its efforts to grow a network of sustainable materials management (SMM) leaders in Latin American, the SU-EFC will be leading a training series focused on SMM options and solutions for Meso-American Reef Leadership (MAR Leadership) Program fellows beginning this summer.

The trainings are meant to align with and support the 2014 vision of the fellowship program, which is to foster integrated waste management systems and prevent environmental pollution. Topics to be covered include an introduction to traditional solid waste management hierarchy, challenges with plastics in the reef system, and more sustainable materials management solutions and options for the MAR region.

The series will be organized by the Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature (MFCN) and other solid waste management experts, with funding provided by MFCN and the Summit Foundation. The first week-long training will take place in June, with subsequent trainings taking place in August and October.

More information on the MAR Leadership Program can be found on online, or onFacebook.

EFC staff members tour a landfill in Cancún, part of the Meso-American
Reef Region, in Mexico with members of the Mexican Fund for the
Conservation of Nature and the Summit Foundation in late March.