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October 2011

Happy autumn! As you start to bundle up, enjoy the latest edition of our monthly EFC newsletter! Inside, you'll find recent news from EPA and other partners and organizations on environmental policy and issues, new publications, upcoming events, and funding opportunities. For more information, or to submit news and events, please feel free to contact us or visit our website.

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Tools and Publications

After the Disaster: A Guide for Managing Debris Waste  


Many in the Northeast suffered serious damage and destruction as a result of Hurricane and Tropical Storm Irene in late August. The Northeast Recycling Council has a free guidebook to help towns, individuals, and businesses look for solutions about how to manage storm debris. This guide provides general information about recovery of premises, belongings, and other items, as well as recycling and proper disposal of debris following a disaster. To download the guide from the NERC website, click here.   


debris guide  

EPA Releases the Healthy Watersheds Initiative (HWI) National Framework and Action Plan   


US EPA has released the Healthy Watersheds Initiative (HWI) National Framework and Action Plan, intended to protect the nation's remaining healthy watersheds, prevent them from becoming impaired, and accelerate restoration successes. EPA will work with states and other partners to identify healthy watersheds at the state scale and develop and implement comprehensive state healthy watersheds strategies that set priorities for protection and inform priorities for restoration. If successfully implemented, the HWI promises to greatly enhance our nation's ability to meet the Clean Water Act Section 101(a) objective of restoring and maintaining the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the nation's waters. To view and download the plan, click here.


healthy watersheds plan  

Funding Opportunities

EFC Announces Mini-Grants for Agriculture and Water Quality, Sustainable Materials Management   


With support from USDA-RD, EFC is excited to announce seven available mini-grants of up to $5,000 for research done by students, academic institutions, governments, and non-profits on issues relating to agriculture and water quality, as well as sustainable materials management in rural communities. Applications are due Oct. 28, 2011. For more information, visit the EFC website

Third Round of GIGP Announced, $20 Million Available for Water Infrastructure Projects


The Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) is proud to announce Round 3 of the Green Innovation Grant Program (GIGP 3).  EFC has made $20 million in grant funding available for projects that will improve water quality and demonstrate green stormwater infrastructure across New York State. For information on GIGP 3, please visit NYS EFC's website.

NYSP2I Community Grant Request for Proposals Now Open 


The Community Grants Program from the NYS Pollution Prevention Institute provides support for projects that raise awareness and understanding and lead to implementation of pollution prevention practices and/or behaviors at the local level with the goal of improving the health, environmental quality, and economic vitality of New York State communities. Proposals are due Oct. 18. For more information and to download the application, visit the NYSP2I website.

2011-12 Local Waterfront Revitalization Program Grant Application Now Available  


The 2011-12 Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) grant application has been released. Many local planning efforts including community enhancement, comprehensive plans and zoning projects can be funded through LWRP. On an annual basis, the Department of State solicits grant applications from local governments for 50/50 matching grants from the New York State Environmental Protection Fund's Local Waterfront Revitalization Program. Applications are due on October 31, 2011 and must be submitted through the Consolidated Funding Application. To apply or to view applications materials, click here

Conferences and Trainings

Consolidated Funding Application Workshops

Various Locations | Oct. 3 - 7 


The Environmental Facilities Corporation has announced the launch of Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) workshops as part of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo's historic initiative to stimulate job creation and economic growth through Regional Councils. The CFA workshops will be held throughout the first week in October at over a dozen locations across the state, covering all ten regions. The workshops will include an overview of the application and CFA process, followed by informational breakout sessions on specific areas of funding available for economic development projects.To learn more about the CFA process and to view a schedule of CFA Workshops, please click here.

New to You: A Webinar on the Environmental, Economic, and Social Benefits of Reuse 

Online | Oct. 20 

2:00 - 3:45 PM 


Hosted by EFC, this webinar will explore how consumers can get the most useful life out of existing products, and how some products can be repurposed to keep them out of the waste stream even longer. In addition to an overview on reuse, specific topics will include building material reuse, creative reuse, and online reuse marketplaces. The expert panel of speakers will also explain ways municipal officials, community leaders, and educators can promote reuse in their communities. Speakers include Dave Bennink of ReUse Consulting, MaryEllen Etienne of Reuse Alliance, Megan Hughes of the University of Maryland Environmental Finance Center, and Ann May Woodward of The Scrap Exchange. To register, click here.

Lower Hudson Compost Facility Tour & Workshop  

Pocantico Hills, NY | Oct. 27  

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM 


Hosted by EFC, Cornell Waste Management Institute, Watershed Agricultural Council and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Westchester County, attendees will have the unique opportunity to visit and learn about four on-site composting systems at local farms, schools and municipalities in the lower Hudson Valley. During and following the tours, participants will discuss composting systems and methods, successes and challenges associated with different technologies, and how to improve management of organic materials. Registration costs $10 and includes lunch. Please register by October 20, 2011. To register, click here. For more information, contact Anna Snider at  als227@cornell.edu or (914) 285-4617.

Growing Green Infrastructure in New York 

Syracuse, NY | Nov. 16-17 


GGI Logo  


The 2011 New York Green Infrastructure Symposium, hosted by EFC and SUNY-ESF Outreach, will provide a focused discussion and gathering of leaders, professionals, researchers, government officials, and others who wish to learn more about advances in green infrastructure applications and connections to workforce development, community vitlaity and Smart Growth principles.  A variety of programming will take place over the two days, including technical trainings, a bus tour of GI installations in Syracuse, a reception celebrating Onondaga County's Save the Rain campaign, and the conference itself. Additionally, abstracts are currently being accepted until Oct. 15. For more information on programming, how to submit an abstract, or to register, click here.

Wet Weather Operations - Maximize Treatment, Minimize Overflows 

Dunkirk, NY | Oct. 26  

Ballston Spa, NY | Nov. 3

Potsdam, NY | Nov. 16 


Hosted by NYWEA, this workshop is intended for operators and engineers that have to deal with problems resulting from high flows e.g. decreased process performance/SPDES violations due to wet weather flows. Attendees will receive the Wet Weather Operating Practices for POTWs with Combined Sewers - Technology Transfer Document. This great NYSDEC reference includes a regulatory overview, key operational concepts, operational guidelines, and several case studies. For more information and to register, click here.
EPA to Fund Pollution Prevention Projects in NJ, NY

From funding smart meters on college campuses, to reducing hazardous chemicals in high school laboratories, to promoting alternatives to dry cleaning, the US EPA is making its pollution prevention grants count across New Jersey and New York. The Agency has awarded more than $600,000 in grants to fund projects that help prevent pollution in these two states.These grants are part of the approximately $4 million in grants EPA awards each year aimed at preventing pollution across the nation. For the full story, click here. For more information on EPA Region 2's pollution prevention program, click here.
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In This Issue
After the Disaster: A Guide for Managing Debris Waste
Healthy Watersheds Initiative (HWI) National Framework and Action Plan
Mini-Grants for Agricultural and Water Quality, Sustainable Materials Management
Third Round of GIGP Announced
NYSP2I Community Grant
2011-12 Local Waterfront Revitalization Program
Consolidated Funding Application Workshops
New to You: A Webinar on the Environmental, Economic, and Social Benefits of Reuse
Lower Hudson Compost Facility Tour & Workshop
Growing Green Infrastructure in New York
Wet Weather Operations - Maximize Treatment, Minimize Overflows
EPA to Fund Pollution Prevention Projects in NJ, NY
Oct. 5, 2011:
NEIWPCC Training: Process Control for Activated Sludge with Math
Syracuse, NY

Oct. 6-7, 2011:

Smart Management for Small Communities: Practical Resources for Governance

Ellicottville, NY.



Oct. 11, 2011:

The Real Impact of Lean Government 

Virtual Conference. 



Oct. 16, Nov. 3, Nov. 16, 2011: Wet Weather Operations - Maximize Treatment, Minimize Overflows
Dunkirk, Ballston Spa, Potsdam, NY. 


Oct. 20, 2011:

New to You: A Webinar on the Environmental, Economic, and Social Benefits of Reuse


Oct. 24-26, 2011:

NYCOM Public Works Training School 

Saratoga Springs, NY



Oct. 25-26, 2011:

Northeast Recycling Council Fall 2011 Conference

Northampton, MA 



Oct. 27, 2011:

Lower Hudson Compost Facility Tour & Workshop

Pocantico Hills, NY


Nov. 9, 2011:

NEIWPCC Training: Advanced Process Control

Fishkill, NY 


Nov. 15, 2011:

NEIWPCC Training: O&M of Wastewater Collection Systems 

Green Island, NY



Nov. 16-17, 2011:

Growing Green Infrastructure in New York 

Syracuse, NY 



Dec. 12, 2011:

NEIWPCC Training: Train the Trainer Workshop

Yorktown, NY


Funding Opportunities   


Pollution Prevention Community Grants

Applications due Oct. 18



EFC Mini-Grants in Agriculture and Water Quality, Sustainable Materials Management

Applications due Oct. 28




Applications due Oct. 31 



Local Waterfront Revitalization

Applications due Oct. 31



Helpful links for funding sources, as well as a number of published funding guides, can be found here at the EFC website.

Featured GPE Project


Green Project Exchange

™ is a user-driven database that showcases innovative, environmentally focused projects from across New York State.


This month's featured project is "Victor Swap Shop". The Town of Victor, a suburb of Rochester in Monroe County, is the first town in New York State to create a Swap Shop-a community owned secondhand store where everything is free. Similar to thrift stores, anyone can drop off their useful, unwanted items-although certain things are not accepted. All Victor residents with a recycling permit and sticker are free to take items they want on a first come first serve basis. The purpose of the Swap Shop is to encourage reuse and reduce the amount of useful items entering the waste stream, saving valuable landfill space and money.  

About EFC

The Environmental Finance Center at Syracuse University facilitates the development of sustainable and resilient communities across US EPA Region 2 (New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and eight tribal nations).  


Located at the SyracuseCoE Center for Sustainable Community Solutions, EFC enhances the administrative and financial capacities of state and local government officials, nonprofit organizations, and private sectors to make change toward improved environmental infrastructure and quality of life.