Upcoming EFC Events 
Jane's Walk
May 1, 2010, 10:30 a.m.
Syracuse Center of Excellence, 727 E. Washington St.
Named after legendary urban thinker, writer and activist, Jane Jacobs, "Jane's Walk" is
a walking tour that takes place in more than 60 cities to promote walkable communities. Please join us as we host the first-ever "Jane's Walk Syracuse" on Saturday, May 1st at 10:30am! The walk will start and end at the Syracuse Center of Excellence, and will last about 1.5 hours. We will walk from the Syracuse Center of Excellence (727 E Washington St.) to Clinton Square, Hanover Square, Armory Square, Columbus Circle, and back. 
Questions:  Evan Newell, 315-443-0292 or enewell@syracusecoe.org

Waste Water Asset Management
May 25, 2010
Syracuse, NY
This workshop is focused on water & wastewater infrastructure projects and developing a community's asset management plan (AMP). This event is intended for water & wastewater plant staff, superintendents, consulting engineers, regulatory personnel and local/elected officials that are or may be involved with an water asset management or capital improvement program at either the state or federal level. For more info click here.
Technical Assistance Partnership Forum 
Revitalizing Our Core-including a Schenectady Walkability Tour
May 27, 2010
Schenectady, NY
The program will include a funding panel with representatives from USDA, NYSEFC, NYSDOH, NYSDOS and NYSOCR. There will also be a facilitated networking discussion and a guided tour of the revitalized downtown Schenectady.Register here.
Smart Management for Small Communities-Hudson Valley Conference
June 2, 2010
Bear Mountain, NY

Hosted at Bear Mountain Conference Center, this conference will include updates from state and federal agency representatives on funding updates and opportunities, and will offer educational sessions covering asset management, alternative strategies in drinking water management, wastewater management, and solid waste management. For more information please email Eva Rippeteau. Register here.

Asset Management 101
June 15, 2010
Salamanca, NY

This event is designed to train municipal water and wastewater systems operators on the short-term and long-term benefits of incorporating asset management planning into their operations as a means to enabling long-term financial and operational sustainability. The program will include information, training and tools appropriate for operators and public officials. Email Melissa Young or call 315-443-8848 for more details. Register here.

The 10th Annual Symposium on Environmental & Energy Systems
Restoring Sustainable, Healthy Communities
September 27-28, 2010, Syracuse, NY
More info to come soon. 
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Recent EFC Events

NYS Clean Water State Revolving Fund Sustainability Initiative Meeting
March 5, 2010
Syracuse, NY
This winter, New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation (NYS EFC) announced its Clean Water State Revolving Fund Sustainability Initiative, an initiative that will explore revising NY's CWSRF. The Environmental Finance Center at Syracuse University is working with the NYS EFC as they undergo this process. Together with the Environmental Facilities Corporation, we hosted a discussion about the intersection of smart growth, energy efficiency, asset management and green infrastructure and their potential role in the SRF Sustainability Initiative.
Sustainable Communities Partnership Forum
March 6, 2010
Syracuse, NY
In continuing with our work to build capacity, partnerships and collaboration towards a more sustainable New York, we hosted a Sustainable Communities Partnership Retreat to discuss the potential for project development in concert with the new EPA, DOT, and HUD Partnership for Sustainable Communities. Learn more about the Sustainable Communities Partnership here.

April 20-22, 2010
Blue Mountain Lake, NY
This three-day conference at Minnowbrook Conference Center focused on the needs of municipal leaders by providing technical assistance, funding updates and practical skill-building sessions. Sessions focused on topics such as asset management and meeting facilitation. There was also a co-funding panel including the Environmental Facilities Corporation, USDA RD, NYSERDA and others.
Other Upcoming Events 
Accelerate CNY
May 5, 2010
Liverpool, NY
Accelerate CNY is a conference presented by regional business and economic development organizations seeking to foster economic vitality and environmental stewardship in New York's Creative Core. The event caters to businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals interested in learning about the latest trends in technology, manufacturing, energy and the environment. Visit Accelerate CNY
Waste Water and Energy Meeting Series
May 11, 2010
White Plains, NY
The Environmental Facilities Corporation will join NYSERDA, NYPA, NYWEA, LIPA, and EPA to present the Wastewater/Energy Meeting Series. Presentations will address ways to reduce energy consumption at drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities. The Corporation will also highlight funding resources and opportunities for eco-friendly and energy-saving solutions at these facilities. More information here.
Solid Waste and Recycling Conference with Trade Show
May 16-19, 2010
Lake George, NY
This event focuses on the latest trends, techniques and emerging technologies in the waste managment world. Features three days of presentations and trade booths displaying all the major names in the business at a beautiful location. For more info visit NY Solid Waste and Recycling Federation 
Waste Water and Energy Meeting Series
May 21, 2010
Farmingdale, NY
The NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation will join NYSERDA, NYPA, NYWEA, LIPA, and EPA to present the Wastewater/Energy Meeting Series. Presentations will address ways to reduce energy consumption at drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities. The NYS EFC will also highlight funding resources and opportunities for eco-friendly and energy-saving solutions at these facilities. More information here.
Washington Regional Green Roofs & Walls
Conference and Training
Washington, DC June 1-2, 2010

This event is designed to explore and optimize the opportunities presented by the Federal Stimulus Package, and newly adopted regulations and local incentives. Aimed at government building officials, local designers and developers, the trade show and the expert sessions will address issues such as economic benefits, new government incentives and regulations, maintenance and procurement best practices. For more information on the training, conference, trade show, and to register click here.
Onondaga County Green Improvement Fund
Onondaga County is announcing the Green Improvement Fund ("GIF"), to provide financial assistance for the installation of Green Infrastructure projects on eligible privately-owned properties (commercial, business, and 501(c)3 owned properties) in the Clinton/Harbor Brook Combined Sewersheds in the City of Syracuse. 

Program Highlights
  • Eligible property owners in the Clinton, Harbor Brook and Midland sewersheds can apply to receive grant funding in the amount of: up to 100% of Eligible Costs, with a maximum assistance of $100,000 per applicant for a single project and no more than $250,000 per applicant for multiple projects.
  • Grant funding will ONLY cover costs for the installation of Green Infrastructure solutions above and beyond traditional (not green) construction practices including: design and engineering costs, maintenance plan and construction costs.
  • Onondaga County will select projects that closely meet GIF program goals based on selection criteria.  Decisions on projects and level of funding selected for the GIF Program rest solely with Onondaga County's Department of Water Environment Protection, which decisions shall be final. 
More information can be found on Onondaga County's Save the Rain website.

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EPA Decentralized Wastewater Management E-Handbook Now Available

The EPA Office of Wastewater Management has recently expanded its "Handbook for Managing Onsite and Clustered (Decentralized) Wastewater Treatment Systems with the addition of an "E-Handbook." The E-Handbook features resource guides containing detailed information on the 13 management program elements featured in the existing management handbook: public education, planning, performance, site evaluation, design, construction/installation, operation/maintenance, inspections/monitoring, residuals management, training/certification, financial assistance, inventory/recordkeeping, and compliance assurance.

The E-Handbook focuses on individual and clustered wastewater systems that discharge to the soil, but the information can also be applied to small systems that discharge to surface waters through federal or state National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit programs. The
E-Handbook is intended for health departments, wastewater system management entities, local governments, and others involved in managing multiple individual or clustered treatment systems. Each resource guide contains detailed information on each program element topic and links to other
resources, case studies, and examples of successful management programs. The resource guides in the E-Handbook can be accessed via hot-links in the current Management Handbook posted at http://www.epa.gov/owm/onsite

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EPA Meets with Federal Agencies on the Urban Waters Initiative

On April 6, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and U.S. Department of Interior co-convened a federal partnership meeting with other federal agencies, in coordination with the White House Domestic Policy Council, to build a federal partnership that will support the launch of EPA's Urban Waters initiative. The Urban Waters initiative is an effort to reconnect communities with urban waterways and restore critical resources by making programs more relevant to urban and underserved communities. At the meeting, the federal agencies shared ideas and agreed to establish and implement a partnership that will restore, improve and protect urban waterways and engage local communities in this effort.
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DEC Announces Separate Review for Communities with
"Filtration Avoidance Determinations"

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Pete Grannis announced April 23, 2010 that rather than utilizing the generic environmental review process for natural gas drilling in the NYC and Syracuse watersheds using high-volume horizontal drilling (fracking), applicants will need to do case-by-case environmental reviews that take into consideration the specific environmental situations at each site. This is intended to protect the surface drinking water supplies in the only two communities in NYS that have successfully maintained an EPA Filtration Avoidance Determination. Read more here.
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Community Facilitation Services
The Environmental Finance Center is offering to assist you and your community with project development or environmental issues that you are dealing with that are specific to your community and surrounding communities. Do you need assistance with:
  • Negotiating an inter-governmental agreement with surrounding municipalities,
  • Seeking new funding sources to support environmental initiatives or infrastructure projects,
  • Trying to engage the public in decision-making, or
  • Persuading citizens and/or Board members to the benefits of proposals, plans or project ideas?
If so, we can help to identify potential funding streams, host and facilitate public meetings, develop tools and trainings specific to your needs to assist you in moving forward. Contact Khris Dodson at 315-443-8818 or kdodson@syracusecoe.org for more information and details.

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Interested in Project Funding? Are you signed up for the NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation listserv? 

If not, click here and get on the list today!

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