Park Hill and Franklin Park Rain Barrel Programs – Town of DeWitt

Building on efforts conducted under Onondaga County’s award-winning green infrastructure (GI) education and outreach campaign, Save the Rain, SU-EFC and the Onondaga Environmental Institute (OEI) are extending GI programming to DeWitt, NY, under an agreement with the town. The goals of the agreement are to create a widespread awareness of GI, encourage residents to partake in Save the Rain activities, and to implement a rain barrel program for the neighborhoods of Franklin Park and Park Hill.

The SU-EFC and OEI have marketed and conducted a series of rain barrel workshops for Park Hill and Franklin Park residents. Residents that live in these neighborhoods are eligible to receive a free rain barrel through the program if they choose to attend the workshop. Participants learn the role of rain barrels and other types of green infrastructure in reducing combined sewer overflows, and how to install and maintain their rain barrel.

Download A Guide to Rain Barrels – Adapted from a Save the Rain Brochure

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