In February 2012, the Syracuse University Environmental Finance Center (SU-EFC) launched the Puerto Rico Organics Education Internship Program. The program engages students from six universities, as well as numerous faculty and business mentors. College students enrolled in the program are trained in sustainable materials management (SMM) topics such as recycling and composting, and ultimately become “SMM stewards” who then teach primary and secondary students using their new training. Students form teams and are tasked with developing and implementing engaging projects such as composting pilot programs or recycling programs. In total, 30 schools have participated in the program. The six universities involved in the internship program are:

  • University of Puerto Rico (UPR) at Arecibo
  • UPR at Rio Pedras
  • UPR at Utado
  • UPR at Mayaguez
  • Universidad Metropolitana (UMET) and Polytechnic University

The internship program is currently being offered under the “Generating Replicable Environmental Education Networks in Puerto Rico” (GREEN-PR) Program.