Through the Public Management and Finance Program (PMFP), SU-EFC delivers technical assistance to rural communities developing water or wastewater infrastructure projects and other environmental improvement projects. The SU-EFC hosts PMFP training events and conferences throughout the year, including the annual Smart Management for Small Communities Conference held at the Minnowbrook Conference Center in Blue Mountain Lake, NY.

Participants include community representatives such as village mayors, town supervisors, water and wastewater superintendents, clerks, DPW supervisors, technical assistance providers, and state and federal funding agencies. The range of attendees enables participants to draw on diverse experiences to creatively solve community problems. Training topics in the past have included asset management, innovative municipal funding, leadership development, long-term municipal financial planning, meeting facilitation, municipal energy efficiency, smart growth planning, sustainable infrastructure planning, municipal forest management, and sustainable stormwater solutions.

Smart Management for Small Communities: Practical Resources for Governance Conference

2008-2015 Gallery

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