The Importance of Third-Party Product Certification – Don’t Get Greenwashed!
(Shared in collaboration with the National Recycling Coalition)

The 2010 TerraChoice Greenwash Report states that as many as 95 percent of the consumer products that claim to be “green” either provide no proof, make vague claims, or actually misrepresent themselves. Deceptive green marketing is called “greenwashing.” Learn how an independent review of a claim is critical to credibility in today’s marketplace.

With presentations by:
Tad Radzinski, P.E., LEED AP, Managing Partner, Green Circle Certified
Robert Bylone, LEED AP, PA SCRP, Executive Director & President, Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center, Inc.

Due to technical issues with recording the webinar, this webinar will not be available to stream. We apologize for the Inconvenience this causes.