The Lajas Hub was created in January 2015 and is centered at the rural Leonides Morales Rodriguez School. In collaboration with the OPAS-Eco Escuelas organization, the school works to promote awareness about the relationship between humans and the natural environment throughout the school community, particularly how human activities can degrade and interrupt natural processes. Students are encouraged to conserve materials, water, and energy by using biodegradable materials, recycling, and through being more conscious of their consumption habits.

Hub Activities:

Recycling Initiatives:
– Containers for collecting different types of materials exist throughout the school, and a space was established to collect plastic, cardboard, and aluminum for recycling.
– The school hosts monthly recycling challenges that focus on a specific type of material.
– Under the guidance of the school’s physical education teacher, students were tasked to create and display 147 educational posters with anti-litter and pro-recycling messages for hallways and common areas.

Composting and Food Gardens:
– A school composting system was established.
– Employees from the school cafeteria divert food scraps for composting.
– Finished compost is used by the school to create green areas and nourish plants, including edibles, which can then be used by the cafeteria to prepare food.

Environmental Activities and Fairs:
– The Hub has organized and participated in various environmental fairs and activities such as the US Green Building Council’s Pineapple Day of Service, the Walk Against Climate Change, recycling at the Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián, and Reciclomanía, among others.



More than 50% of students at the Leonides Morales Rodriguez School are involved with the Eco Escuelas organization and are involved in GREEN-PR efforts. The program has impacted about 90% of the school community; within and outside of Lajas. Students complete their required volunteer hours at the school, mostly through environmental initiatives. Parents are very involved in the school life and also participate in GREEN-PR projects.



– Coordinators: Ada Miranda, Alex Ayala.