The La Perla Hub was designated in 2014. Efforts at the La Perla Hub have focused on the use of art and citizen science to teach the community about composting, food gardens, and water quality.

Hub Activities:

Learning Through Art:
Ongoing community art workshops were held by La Perla Hub Stewards. Participants created sculptures, masks, and murals with salvaged materials to raise awareness about issues impacting their coastal community, including litter.

Citizen Science:
The Hub has worked with the San Juan Bay Estuary Program to organize citizen science activities focused on water quality monitoring.

Demonstration Projects:
Several projects were implemented at the neighboring Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, including rainwater harvesting, food gardens, and composting systems.



– GREEN-PR Stewards – Jerome Zayas, Rosana Betancourt, and Abel I. Morales
– Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
– Junta Comunitaria y DEPORTES de La Perla INC
– San Juan Bay Estuary Program (SJBEP)
– Angel Ramos Foundation
– College of Plastic Arts and Design of Puerto Rico