Beginning in 2010, EPA’s Office of Water and Office of Sustainable Communities jointly sponsored a pilot technical assistance program with three state CWSRF programs to explore potential modifications that could encourage investments in public infrastructure such as roads; utilities; schools; and police, fire, and ambulance service.

As part of this pilot program, EPA funded Syracuse EFC through an existing cooperative agreement to provide technical assistance to the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation (NYS EFC), the state authority responsible for managing the CWSRF program. This technical assistance included coordinating workshops and feedback sessions, soliciting additional stakeholder input, and assisting NYS EFC with collecting and compiling recommendations on how the New York CWSRF could support more sustainable projects through a focus on energy efficiency, asset management, and smart growth principles.

The results of this work are in Section II of the report, which compiles lessons learned and best practices in these pilot states and other states undertaking similar initiatives so that all SRF programs can benefit from this information and thereby facilitate more widespread adoption of practices that encourage states to focus resources in existing communities and infrastructure systems to leverage past investments.

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