What do Cobblestone Valley Farm in Preble and the Syracuse Center of Excellence headquarters have in common? They’re both “green,” of course! In June, Syracuse EFC hosted a field trip to these locations for twenty sixth graders from Danforth Magnet School, where they got first-hand experience learning about green building and sustainable farming practices. At the SyracuseCoE, students learned about the various laboratories for testing renewable energy and environmental innovations. There were plenty of opportunities for students to apply their knowledge of the building as they explored the green roof, spun the compost tumbler, and felt the temperatures of the geothermal pipes going in and out of the building. Afterwards, it was off to Cobblestone Valley Farm in Preble, where owners Paul and Maureen Knapp explained to students why free-range, organic farming practices are better for animals, people, and the environment. The tour included stops at the chicken coop, turkey pen — and last but not least — the dairy barn, where the newborn calf pictured below greeted students. At lunch, the Knapps treated everyone to u-pick strawberries and Organic Valley cheese sticks made from Cobblestone Valley milk.