Recently, Syracuse EFC has established a pilot on-site composting system at the SyracuseCoE Headquarters building at Syracuse University (SU). In partnership with SU’s Perimeter staff, Physical Plant, and Campus Sustainability, a vermicomposting bin and an Eco-Composter Tumbler were the chosen to demonstrate and test different methods for composting. This system is designed to compost organic materials created on site, including all building occupant food scraps and landscaping materials. This system will serve as an example for other buildings on how to divert a large portion of organic materials from the building and surrounding landscape from the Onondaga County wastestream.

Syracuse EFC set up a pilot team to manage the system called Office Organics Team (OOT), consisting of building staff that will manage and monitor the two composting systems. In addition, Syracuse EFC staff provided introductory training to all stakeholders on: the Purpose of Composting at SU, Composting 101, and How to Use A V-bin and Tumbler. OOT will track the amount of food scraps diverted from the waste stream along with measuring the moisture, temperature, and progress of the V-bin and tumbler. Already, in just a few months, the system has diverted 67 pounds of office organics!

This system is in place to serve as a model for other buildings at SU and beyond, seeking to divert their office/building food scraps from the wastestream. In addition, Syracuse EFC staff will use their experience managing the system to educate building visitors about composting and will serve as composting stewards in work done throughout NYS, the Northeast, and EPA Region 2.

For more information on office composting programs, contact Melissa Young.