Syracuse EFC recently partnered with local Central New York businesses and the U.S. Small Business Administration to host a workshop where businesses could learn how to start up a composting system in their offices. The workshop covered what compost is, why it’s important, how to compost at the office, and then went over the case study from Syracuse EFC’s office at the Syracuse Center of Excellence. Many of the businesses involved are currently pursing a green business certification called “Green Core Company,” an project in which EFC is engaged in outreach effotrs. Speakers at the workshop included:

Melissa Young: Program Manager/Master Composter, Syracuse EFC
Greg Gelewski: Recycling Operations Manager, OCRRA
Frank Cetera: Certified Business Advisor/Small Business Development Center at OCC & Northside UP

For more information on how to compost at the office, or how to get EFC to host a workshop at your office, contact Melissa Young.