ASPIRA was designated as a GREEN-PR Hub in 2015. Efforts at the ASPIRA Hub have been focused on the development of replicable environmental education activities and demonstration projects that can be integrated into school curriculum, as well as the creation of continuing education opportunities for the surrounding community.

The project has strengthened the relationship between the school and the Carolina community, and has fostered collaborative opportunities among youth and adults that will expand environmental awareness among the public.


Hub Activities:

Rain Garden:
Educators, students, and GREEN-PR Stewards constructed a rain garden at the school and installed signage depicting how the rain garden functions.

Rainwater Harvesting Mural:
A mural on rainwater harvesting and reuse was created with paints and salvaged materials collected from the school.

Encouraging Recycling:
Under the guidance of a GREEN-PR Steward, ASPIRA students created signs to promote recycling and posted them throughout the school.

Expansion of the School Garden:
The ASPIRA school garden was expanded to include tomatoes, rosemary, and other herbs and vegetables.

Improvements to the School Compost System



Members of this Hub have produced a YouTube video highlighting the initiatives taking place at ASPIRA.



– GREEN-PR Stewards
– University of Puerto Rico at Carolina
– Municipality of Carolina


GREEN-PR Mini-Grant Recipient

Amount: $5,000
Project Period: July 2015-July 2016
The ASPIRA Hub was a recipient of funding from SU-EFC’s GREEN-PR Mini-Grant Program for its “Building Environment Program.” The project resulted in the creation of an on-site rain garden and the integration of green infrastructure education into the school’s curriculum.


Other activities at this hub:

– Rejuvenated green areas at the school
– Created an Environmental Photography Workshop
– Hosted an Environmental Fair with a sustainability focus
– Revitalized a nursery at the University of Puerto Rico at Carolina